Saturday, November 29, 2008

Identity Promo up!

Identity video in the works, feat. the homies john coyne,
 Nicky Lamarche, Shane Perry, Brad Miller, 
Matt Fenell, Dana Ericson...Big Ups to RICE
 "Get er Done" ....

Strawberry Milk Madness!!!!

Pat stole 20 milks from work and us being a milk fanatics 
he knew to bring me bad they expire today
so that means i be drinking ALL of these today!!!! 
breaking records babayyy or throwing up....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Channdy Hype!

Channdy stepin his game up! Peep his MyBerrics page.

Good Choices for a
13 Yr Old. haha!

The photo says it all! Photo: BK

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whipple Sess 3 up!!!!

Whipple Sesh 3 from pedro d on Vimeo.

Whipple Crew back in action, making the
DOPEst lil videos heres part 3. kids from the hood
coming up!

Homie HYPE!

Yonnie getting it! congrats homie looking all G-up.
Who the f*ck is Johnathan Cruz

Switch Frontnose....Ill Dope spot.

Nollie Halfcab 5-0....SF Babay.

Steve Mcclintock making a guest appearance
and skating the crazy spot.....he might have a

Mo-Hawk not sure.


"Turkey In Yo Belly Time"....Watch and laugh
To those having a lovely meal with your familys
enjoy your self and dont eat to much....ahhh
F*ck it
eat everything!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Starving Child

Please help, its getting worse everyday. We need to find him a home,
donations are appreciated. Contact

NYC Nov.22nd

Photography By: David Hamzik

NY City is Dope, Nicky trying to get warm on
the way to the spot, you figure his panda hair
would keep him warm.

Dan doing a no-comply 3 flip,
ever see one?.....gettin it!

Trying to be a Spitfire head but
it didnt work out as i planned..

Channdy always wearing every ones
sweaters, i heard he has an addiction
to chocolate!

I Introduce to you the one and only Dan Zvereff, the
Russian model. Hes single and ready to mingle you can
reach him at

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Officially up!

This is the begining of alot of skating, insanity, and just crazy sh*t. Keep posted!.....holla!