Saturday, February 28, 2009

City Hype: Southern Sojourn Vol. 1

City Skateboards Presents: Southern Sojourn Vol. 1
Feat, Tony Montgomery, Eddie Craig, Jimmy Cao,
Dave Abair, And Josh Matthews.
Editied By: Justin

Friday, February 27, 2009

Video Hype: Like Brothers

Came across this video well i was in L.A homie Amrit Jain
handed me a copy of "Like Brother" which he made and 
knowing him it had to be good cuz hes an amazing 
Filmer so i watched it and was hyped!
gives you that homie video feeling, which reminds
you WHY! you started skating nevermind
the fact that the kids are really good!..
you can cop it here!

Great Blog Of Manny

Yupp it is wat it looks like!..Danny Way
Great Wall Of China Board!

Snuck into the vault and got a couple
flicks before i got caught!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homie Hype: Dylan Perry

Came across this and had to post it!
Tampa, FL in the house.

Famous Hype: Last Day With The Skatebook

Last day in cali and last day with 

Gold Famous Boom Box.

Kurtis looking lil shaggy.


Randy Beerz everyone.

This is wat ANDREW does while we get
food, skate flat. Shot a crispy nollie

Last stop of the day was THE BERRICS
and ran into homie ELI REED

Colin Clark Hype: Sewa Kroetkov

Homie Colin Clark send me this link to some video 
he edited, i told him id post anything he did
cuz hes an amazing filmer and editor.
So he sent me a email and i get THIS!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Famous Hype: Skatebook Chapter Day 3

My Blog with Reda, Coming
Soon...."WAT UP YO!"

Amrit joined the crew today,
After unscrewing wood from 
The Berrics for the skate Mission.
sry Berra, ill bring it back.

Ballards good with the Broom Guitar!

Made the BLOG again, thanks to Randy!
Not as fun as it looks.

I dont even know.

These lil homie were cool, they wanted
the website for the blog. So then were like
"you wear white cuz its safe in the hood, huh?
They said hell yeah, Its safe"

Lil hood kicks, wit the bandana
and all that.
Hood Homies.

Who would think Darren DRANK orange
soda?!?!?! haha Kel anyone?

Dalgart is Ballin! Ballards to big for
this lil Mercedes.

Cant Skate At A Skate Park?

People are real retarded sometimes, suspended for
30 days. For dropin in a ramp! peep it

Homie Hype: Danny Falla

NYC head Danny Falla gets a MAG MINUTE!

Lost In Transaction

FELIX...i know sry Dalgart i stole you
angle, it was to crispy.

Always something in the way.

SEU and Lix talkinh about madness.


Wild Ones NYC


Travis Hat-Hawk, today was 
kinda a long day, got kicked out of spots
or their was something wrong
but i tried to make the most of the day.
So i figured i would at least to something
stupid to make the BLOG, i think 
i did!

Monday, February 23, 2009

DC Hype: Match Mids

DC Match Mids in the ILLEST colors! 

Colorways: Royal Purple, Tobacco/Otter

CRAZY SON! Ill be rocking these on the

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Will it Blend?

Will it blend?....That is the question!
This is the ANSWER for anyone with an 
I-Phone that sucks.

Famous Hype: Skatebook Chapter Day 2

Ballard and Dalgart at it again, Round 2.

Aquil A.K.A Quack jump in on the sesh.

Randy puttin work!



Switch Board Pop 5-0.

Ghetto ass Body Work!

Wat went down? you'll know when the
chapter comes out.


FELIX warm ups!

Wild One Hype: Ballard Recruited

Ballard put more work in than anyone
today, stickers stompin every spot.
Welcome to the Squad!