Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Major League Barber Shop

Last Day Of the Tour

Last Supper, Last Night of the Tour ends

Ballard gettin it in for the
SKATEBOOK son! (Cannon)

Me and the Kay-dawg! kickin it
wit the squad.

This is why they call him Randy-Beerz.

Felix is going crazy, wheres his food!

Choonoo, Gayquestion.com....


Park Hype: Subliminal

Thanks to Jason and Brian over at Subliminal
Skate Park/Shop for showing us love!

Old school Mike Carrolls! 

Thanks for having us!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tune in to KillLuis.com for video madness!

StreetCorner Gettin It In!

StreetCorner hittin the streets hard!

Whipple Sesh. 4

Another Whipple Sesh.! they just keep getting better..
keep them coming Pedro

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Contest Today!

Contest today:
Rye Airfiled, 25$ to enter and 10$ if you want to
skate the after sesh. and did not enter the comp,
if entered after sesh. is free!
Registration: 3pm - 7pm
Contest: 15Under & 16up Also Best Trick
On The New Plaza

Shop Hype: Shut NYC

Luis Kicking it in front of the
SHUT store.

Strickland kicking wit the 
old school fish board.

Luis giving us a tour of the SHUT shop.

NY Day 2

MR. Miyagi?

Misfits glove, Inglewood kid!

Darren gettin it in.
Front board then he ollied over the rail into
the water!

Jay Stickland on board for The

Famous and the City of New York came to 
an agreement to make famous/Street signs
due to the fact that UNO bombed NY
so hard that this was acceptable.

This is why people shouldnt ride fix gears at
the banks. 

Andrew warming up, back 180.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Famous Hype: Wu-Tang

Rodent over at The Skateboard Mag gets his childhood
dreams to come true! Raekwon repps hard, and on
stage they killed it! big up to Rodent.

Throw Back Thursday: Jeff Pang

I know its friday but i lost track of days!,
but i came across this from someone. NY in
'89 its reminds you why you started skating and
why it was fun. Banks NY Just peep it!
Pang was killin the game back then.

NY First Night

The Nick man came to hang out!

Randy Beerz!...is tiffany aight
peep her face!

Luis Bloging for KillLuis.com

OG Javier Nunez and NG Noel poested up.


Andrew forgot were the bathroom was
just imagine wat happened next!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Homie Hype: D-Streets

Darren gettin it in! Peep his website,

Fresh gets down with the fam.!

Watch This!

Homie Hype: Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy Video up!


Contest Hype: Rye Airfield Plaza

Contest this weekend Sat. the 28th at Rye Airfield,
hope you all show up!..Rumor has it Donny Barley
and the Rhode Island crew coming to show support 
to Aquil and the Famous Squad...Its gonna be craze!

Calls Speaks for it self, Donnys coming!

10 Hours Deep

After 10 hours in the van homies get
delusional and start to crack out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Art Hype: Body Art

Body Art is DOPE! Came across
this looking for something on google.
...i know its a little random but why not.

Famous Hype: Van Craze

CityStars Board, "I always feel like the Goons
 is watching me"

Had to get in the mix

Andrews an idiot.

New super hereos! Ultra Drunk and
Fired up.

Andrews alter ego come out when he sips 
a beer, and out comes (Drumroll please)..
..Ultra Drunk

Thanks Camera Hype: Barcelona Day 7

Dan and Paul steching before they jump
down macba, i think a Hardflip back 180 is
in the works.

Dan posing to be the new model
for Zoo York.